Top 5 Mobility Tools Everyone Should Own


If marathon mobilizing was a sport, I’d be a world champion.  Not because I’m the best at it, but because I would outlast any and all competition.

Those who know me are familiar with my ability to mobilize for hours and hours.  My love of staying loose, limber, and flexible, has come with a ton of trial and error regarding mobility equipment.

There are a ton of options out there!  But what really works?  What doesn’t?  And what is worth it?

I’m going to give you thousands of hours of experience and wisdom on this topic.  I’m also going to save you a ton of money on which equipment is necessary!

I like to think of three “ity’s” when it comes to mobility tools; affordability, reliability, and storability.  All of the items on this list are affordable, reliable, and storable!

1″ PVC Pipe

Yup, a good ol fashioned 1″ diameter PVC pipe.  I would go with 5′ in length.  If you have extremely long arms, then add length as needed.

Affordability – $5 – $10 at your local hardware store.

Reliability – Unless something extreme happens, it won’t break.

Storability – You can store this under your bed, under your couch, or behind a door.

My favorite stretches with the PVC pipe are shoulder pass throughs, front rack opener, behind the back stretch, and stepping on it to massage the bottom of your foot!

Watch the full video tutorial (you’ll also get a pro tip on what else you can do with the PVC pipe)!

4″ PVC Pipe

Yup, again with the PVC pipe!  This time, it’s 4″ in diameter and I would recommend 18″ in length.

Affordability – $8 – $15 at your local hardware store.

Reliability – This won’t break unless something crazy happens.

Storability – Store under your bed, under the couch, under the sink, or behind the door.

This will be used for mashing/rolling out.  My favorites are for the glutes, quads, IT band, calves, lats, and teres major/minor.

Watch the full tutorial here!

Stretch Resistant Bands

Stretch resistant bands are found at most sporting good stores in the “fitness” section.  You can also find them online.  My favorite are the Rogue Monster Bands.  As for the width, I would go with a medium, to medium-small.  This would be the green band if you’re choosing Rogue.

Affordability – $20 on Rogue’s website, and this is on the expensive side.

Reliability – There will be some natural wear and tear since it is made of stretchy rubber, but as long as you’re not doing anything extreme, these will last for a very long time.

Storability – Best part about these is that you can store them in very small places and take with you during travel.

My favorites are a lat/rear shoulder stretch, neck/trap stretch, chest stretch, and hamstring stretch.

Watch this for a full tutorial!


This is an amazing trigger point therapy tool that will completely rock your world!  You can only purchase these online.

Affordability – $30 on Amazon.

Reliability – Made of fiberglass and they recently upgraded to make it even more durable.  I’m sure if you really tried to break it you could, but this thing is pretty sturdy.

Storability – It’s about 18″ long and relatively thin, so you can store under your bed, in a corner, or behind your couch.  Fits in most luggage bags for travel as well!

The best way to use this is by searching for those small knots all over your body.  You know, the ones that are terribly hard to reach on your neck and upper back.

I even like to use this on my face!  It sounds crazy, and it is.  We carry a ton of stress in our jaw, cheeks, and temple that can get really tight and actually cause tension headaches.

Watch this for my full tutorial!


Kettlebells are an amazing piece of exercise equipment, but I can make a strong argument that they are an even better piece of mobility equipment! A 35 pound kettle bell is the most versatile.

Affordability – The most expensive of my list, a 35 pounder costs $45 – $50 at most sporting stores and online vendors.

Reliability – It won’t break.  If anything, it will break other things.

Storability – Easily stored at home or in the garage, but difficult to travel with due to the weight.

You’ll use this for a ton of different mashing drills.  My favorites are for the pecs, abdomen, hip flexors, calves, and teres minor/major.

Check out my full tutorial!

There you have it folks, my top 5 most affordable, storable, and reliable mobility tools!  Check back soon for my video and blogging series on the best kettlebell, barbell, and band stretches.

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