Iron Crew – At Home (PDF Download)


Written by Coach Danny! A compilation of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts to do with minimal equipment. Take the thinking out of your at-home training with 30 days of premier workout programming for less than $1 per day!



What’s up Iron Crew Fam? I’m pumped to announce the launch of my first workout program!  It’s called Iron Crew – At Home, and is a compilation of 30 beautifully scripted high intensity workouts designed for you to do at home, with minimal equipment.

Inside this 65 page downloadable program you will find 30 unique workouts from start to finish.  Each workout is 1 hour long and includes a specific warm-up and cool down based on the day’s exercises.  Also included are exercise descriptions, workout tips, rest day advice, and more!

When it comes to crafting workouts with minimal equipment, it takes an experienced fitness mind to be effective.  That’s where I come in.  These workouts provide ways to build strength, improve cardiovascular conditioning, and enhance muscular endurance.  All you need for this program is a pair of dumbbells, a kettlebell, and a bench or chair to step up on.  If you don’t see results from this program, there is a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, no questions asked!

Still need more convincing?  Here is a sample of the type of workouts you will find inside this guide…

Sample Workout
Warm Up
5 Sets
– 20 Groiners (10 each side)
– 15 Russian KB Swings
– 10 DB Bent Over Rows
– 5 Inch Worms
5 Rounds
– 15 DB Deadlifts
– 12 DB Hang Power Cleans
– 9 DB Front Squats
– 6 DB Strict Press
– 10 “6 count” Burpees
*Rest 1:00 between each round.
DB’s should be light enough to do each set without placing them down.  The Burpees are “6 count”, meaning you must hit each of the following 6 positions.  From a standing position…squat and place hands on ground, sprawl into a plank, perform a push up, pause at the top (plank), kick both feet back up into a quarter squat, then jump off the ground.  No flopping, no stepping back, and keep your feet at hip width the entire time.  These are PERFECT burpees.
Beginner – Increase rest period to 2:00 between sets.
Intermediate – Increase rest period to 1:30 between sets.
Advanced+ – Decrease rest period to :30 between sets.
Modifications:  Modify Burpees to Up-Downs as needed.
Cool Down
2 minutes of each…
– Seated Crossed Shin (right leg in front)
– Seated Crossed Shin (left leg in front)
– Lying Supine Twist (right side)
– Lying Supine Twist (left side)
– Plantar Fascia Stretch


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