“My vision is a world where everyone stays in shape and eats healthy…forever. This requires a sustainable approach to exercise and nutrition.” – Danny Burde

My name is Danny Burde, founder of Iron Crew Athletics. I hold degrees in both Kinesiology and Physchology, and am a Level 2 CrossFit Coach. I competed in D-1 college football, have raced in endurance running events, and competed in multiple CrossFit competitions.

I come from an old school functional fitness background. In 2006 I started doing CrossFit in my garage and at local parks. In 2008 I finally took the leap and joined a CrossFit gym, where I became the first member at Jason Khalipa’s gym, NC Fit. I went on to become the Head Coach at NC Fit in Redwood City, California. 

Spending nearly 15 years in the functional fitness space, I had my fare share of ailments. Chronic low back, knee, foot, ankle, and shoulder pain seemed to be the norm for many hard core CrossFitters. I was no different. 

A SMARTER Way to Train

I began addressing my own injures, join pains, and impingements as they came. I experimented with different training philosophies in order to find out what truly made an athlete “fit”. I took notes on, and spoke with, those who were always making progress and never seemed to get injured. 

I immediately saw that the key to longevity, staying injury free, and consistent progress was to approach every workout with 65-75% intensity. 

Wait… WHAT? Hit a CrossFit workout at less that 100% effort? This can’t be true!

I’m here to tell you, it is. And it’s backed by exercise research, supported by fitness coaches around the world, and shown in my own personal anecdotal evidence. 

Intensity is NOT the Answer

The number 1 flaw in CrossFit training and other functional fitness group classes is the overemphasis on intensity. The fact of the matter is, the overwhelming majority of people simply aren’t ready for the intensity that these gyms promise will lead to results. Sure your body can withstand it for a few months, but eventually it will begin to breakdown. This breakdown will manifest itself in the form of injury, burnout, and chronic pain. 

I do, however, believe that functional training is the best type of fitness program there is. Your fitness program should make you a better functioning human being, not just an aesthetically pleasing one.

My specialty is working with real world athletes. Those with full time responsibilities outside of the gym. People with full time jobs, spouses, children, mortgage payments, have previous injuries, and are living in chronic pain. The people who are also lifelong athletes and want to be in the best shape possible, despite their busy lives. 

Training for Longevity IS the Answer

My approach to training is longevity and living pain free, while at the same time being a beast in your own right. I believe you can be in tip top shape, with functionality, all while living pain free. Your fitness doesn’t have to come at a cost of joint pain, muscle fatige, & chronic fatigue.

Check out what Iron Crew Athletics has to offer! There’s tons of free content like podcasts, blog articles, instructional YouTube videos, and more! You can also hire me as a coach, where I will help show you the path to your most athletic, functional, pain free self.

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