The Iron Crew Podcast is a comical and real discussion of all things health and fitness related with the creator of Iron Crew Athletics.  Nothing is off limits with Danny Burde behind the microphone as he discusses fitness, health, nutrition, parenting, mobility, relationships, and psychology.

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Episode 1 – “Who is Danny Burde?”

Episode 2 – Creating a Mindless Morning and Nourishing Night 

Episode 3 – Staying Fit with Small Children 

Episode 4 – Warm Up with Purpose 

Episode 5 – Nutrition for Noobs 

Episode 6 – How to Compete with Yourself 

Episode 7 – Staying Fit as a First Responder 

Episode 8 – Always Be Mobilizing 

Episode 9 – Bodybuilding Exercises for CrossFitters 

Episode 10 – Hand Care for CrossFitters 

Episode 11 – CrossFit History Lesson 

Episode 12 – How to be an Iron Crew Athlete 

Episode 12.1 – How to be an Iron Crew Kid 

Episode 13 – How to Entertain a Group Class 

Episode 13.1 – How to Improve Voice Delivery 

Episode 14 – The Makings of a Difficult Workout (Release date 11/14/18)