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Practical, sustainable, realistic tips for exercise, nutrition, and wellness. You won’t find “quick fixes” or fads on this podcast, only proven methods that actually work!

Although physical fitness is important, it doesn’t end there. Emotional and psychological health are just as valuable. Without all three, we are left with gaping holes in our overall wellbeing.

Host Danny Burde is a fitness professional with Bachelor’s Degrees in both Kinesiology and Psychology. He firmly believes in the mind-body connection.

Danny also pulls from his vast life experience and shares practical advice on real world topics like relationships, parenting, personal growth, mental health, sexuality, and much more.

For those looking for an all encompassing, well rounded fitness resource, this is your podcast.

Group Therapy Lessons – Ep 6 : How to Overcome Childhood Trauma Iron Crew Podcast

Every week I attend group therapy and learn something new every time. I am grateful for the opportunity to open up and be vulnerable during these sessions and I hope these short episodes provide value to your life. No matter what you are struggling with, just know we are all fighting similar battles.
  1. Group Therapy Lessons – Ep 6 : How to Overcome Childhood Trauma
  2. Group Therapy Lessons – Ep 5 : Keeping People on the Back Burner
  3. Prison Diary | Week 9 – No Time for Bullshit
  4. Prison Diary | Week 8 – Welcome to The Big House
  5. Prison Diary | Week 7 – There is Good in Everyone

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  1. I recently started listening and was immediately drawn in. I binged 3 episodes in a row and will continue to make this part of my daily routine. I was very impressed by his knowledge of fitness & nutrition, his realistic approach on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and his willingness to be honest & vulnerable when talking about life. I appreciate that he is passionate about delivering accurate, scientifically based knowledge to his listeners. His humility and openness is refreshing. Thank you Danny!

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