Iron Crew – Shred


An aesthetics based weightlifting program designed to get you looking shredded in just 12 weeks. With exercises specifically chosen to target the arms, shoulders, chest, upper back, and abs, this program will get you looking your best.


Iron Crew – Shred is written for the intermediate to advanced lifter looking for a more sculpted physique. This program is a step by step blueprint that takes the guesswork out of your pursuit to a shredded look.

What You Get

Exercise Program – 12 week, phased workout routine. Everything you need to know including exercises, sets, reps, and rest periods.

Nutrition Plan – Detailed macronutrient plan with 3 distinct phases designed to systematically burn as much fat as possible AND build muscle.

Optional Cut Phase – An optional extreme cut designed for those wanting to show every last shred of muscle.

Video Demonstrations – Over 50 video demos of every exercise in the program.

Progress Charts – Full workout spreadsheets to track improvement week to week.

Frequently Asked Questions – Answers to common questions regarding this program.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee – No questions asked. If you don’t see results within 30 days, ask for your money back.

Equipment Needed

  • Full Gym Access – Barbell with light & heavy weights, squat rack, light & heavy dumbbells, EZ bar, cable machines, pull up/dip bar, light kettlebells, adjustable bench, foam roller, and box (for step ups).

This program provides the blueprint, the rest is up to you!



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