Podcast Features

Here you will find all of the podcasts I have been featured on!  You will find links for each podcast and a link to the specific podcast I was a guest on.  Enjoy!


HIITCASTEpisode 049 with Danny Burde

This was a fun, intellectual, and interesting conversation with exercise scientist Trevor Benin.  We discuss whether consuming protein is evidence based or not!

Check out Trevor on Instagram and fitnphys.training/!


Fit Dad Fitness PodcastEpisode 79 with Danny Burde

Listen to why I left law enforcement, how I followed my fitness passion, and a ton of parenting related tips.  I had an amazing time with stud podcaster Michael Ashford!

Find Michael on Instagram and fitdadfitness.com!


The West Coast Advantage PodcastEpisode 36

Learn the story about how I fell in love with mobility, my training for the police olympics, and who’s classier, the NY Giants or Jets.  Arielle, Gabe, and I had a great time!

Find them on Instagram and thewca.fit!

Kiley JoyThe Fit Mind Podcast – Episode 39 with Danny Burde

Kiley and I talk at great length about how to create an evening and morning routine that will reduce any and all anxiety surrounding sleep.

You can find Kiley at fitjoyco.com and Instagram!

Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 9.26.13 PM.pngFitness Fundamentals PodcastEpisode 7 with Danny Burde 

I drop a ton of knowledge on proper movement patterns and how to move well throughout your day.  I also cover how to warm up properly!

You can find Dom Jackson on Instagram @domjacksonfit!

IMG_7025Apex Fitness Podcast Episode 13 with Danny Burde

A must listen for all parents, law enforcement/first responders, and fitness enthusiasts who love to hate on CrossFit.  I get deep on a ton of topics!

You can find hosts Brandon and Keaton on Instagram!

IMG_7097Warrior Dads PodcastEpisode 12 with Danny Burde

I go into parenting with insight on raising our kids to feel validated and heard.  I also go into how to assess whether your child actually likes their extra curricular activities.

You can find Jim Burdumy on Instagram!