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Fitness Philosophy

Iron Crew Athletics focuses on a sustainable, practical, realistic approach to your fitness program. Many programs offer a quick fix to nutrition and exercise programming, but these are often bandaid approaches that only offer short term results. 

These approaches are unsustainable and do not last. With nutrition, this will only result in extreme weight loss, followed by extreme weight gain. This is known as “Yo-Yo Dieting” and is detrimental to your long term health.

With exercise programming, this will result in quick progress, followed by injuries, burn-out, and chronic pain. These are your typical “Get 6 Pack Abs in 6-Week” programs that you see online and on social media. They promise the world, but it does not last. 

And quite frankly, it is unhealthy for your body, mind, and spirit.

Exercise Programs

Iron Crew Athletics focuses on 5 major principles when it comes to your exercise programming. This is a proven method based on over 20 years of education, experience, and training clients.

The Principles Behind Iron Crew Exercise Programming

Learn the details of the Iron Crew Fitness Pyramid HERE.

Nutrition Planning

Iron Crew Athletics focuses on sustainable nutrition plans based on what is realistic for YOU. No two individuals are alike when it comes to their dietary needs. When assessing a client and creating a nutrition plan, we use the following Nutrition Pyramid. This model will result in a nutrition plan that you will actually implement into your life, forever.

Learn How to Create a Sustainable Nutrition Plan

Learn the details of the Iron Crew Fitness Pyramid HERE.

Functional Wellness

Iron Crew Athletics prioritizes your wellness as a whole. Not only do we care about how you look, feel, and perform, but we want you to experience wellness.

When you are free of chronic pain, have full range of motion, and have stability throughout your body, you have achieved functional wellness. 

The Key to Optimum Wellness

Learn the details of Functional Wellness HERE.

Ready to get in the best shape of your life?

Here is What You Get When You Sign Up…

1 on 1 remote coaching and education built around a tailor made, customized, fitness program including:

Initial Questionnaire

To obtain basic information regarding your fitness background, primary goals, prior injuries, and personal needs. (This form is located at the bottom of this page)

Introductory Video Meeting

A 30-minute meeting to gain a deeper understanding of YOUR individual fitness goals, assess current nutrition, and review your training program.

Exercise Programming

Customized program includes specific Warm-Ups, Core Exercises, Strength Training, Conditioning, Corrective Exercises, & Mobility routines based around YOUR individual goals.

Nutrition Guidance

An individualized meal plan, macronutrient guidance, and in depth education on the principles of weight loss and muscle gain.


A minimum of 3 check-ins throughout the week to hold you accountable for your workout and nutrition plans. This will come in the form of your preferred communication style…text, phone call, email, or direct message on social media.

Weekly Check-In

Weekly 15 minute phone meeting to track progress, answer questions, discuss upcoming exercise routines, and make adjustments to your program based on any change in circumstances.

Movement Feedback

Exercise demonstrations, coaching feedback, and movement review via video or video conference call.

Unlimited Messaging

24/7 access to your coach via text message or email, with a guaranteed 24 hour turn around. This is to help you understand your program, clarify exercises, and provide support.

Continuing Education

Your coach will provide mentorship and education so that you will have an in depth understanding of health, fitness, and nutrition in order to become self sufficient.

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Learn more about what each program offers HERE.

FREE 3-Day Exercise Program

To get a feel of what exercise programming looks like with Coach Danny, download the FREE 26 page 3 Day Sample Workout Program!

FREE Nutrition Guide

To learn more about our nutrition philosophy, download the FREE 31 page Nutrition Guide!

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