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Is Your Functional Fitness Program Leaving You Feeling Not So Functional?

I believe your fitness program should leave you feeling functional, not broken down. All too often I see trainers and gyms program workouts for their clients simply to make them feel like they got hit by a mack truck. Although this makes you feel like you got a great workout, you are only left with achy joints, chronic pain, and injuries.

I promise you, there is a better way. The first step is changing your mindset of what functionality means. Functionality isn’t going “beast mode” one day, just to be so sore that you have to take 3 days off to recover. This isn’t functional, it’s detrimental.

Classic Pitfalls of Group Fitness Programs…

After over 2 years as Head Coach at one of the world’s premier CrossFit gyms, I noticed a common cycle. New guy walks in the gym, sees all the fitness going on, and is eager to get started. Let’s call him Jimmy.

Jimmy signs up and immediately starts giving it everything he’s got. 100% intensity, every time. Even though the coach tells him to relax a little, he still pushes it. Jimmy is in a rush to go “Rx’d” and pushes himself harder than he’s ever done before.

Jimmy sees solid results for the first 2-3 months. Loves the fact that every time he enters the gym, he gets to ring the PR (Personal Record) bell! Jimmy likes to yell things like, “Man I love getting my butt kicked in here!”

One day, Jimmy comes to me and says something to the effect of, “Coach, I got this wrist issue that won’t go away. What should I do instead of barbell Power Snatches?” This is the first of many nagging injuries to come.

After a while, Jimmy stops showing up as often. When Jimmy does show up, he still goes 100% just like when he first started. I don’t see Jimmy for a few more days but when he comes back he says, “Man I was so sore from that last workout I couldn’t walk for days!”

I can see Jimmy’s progress has noticeably dropped off. He starts to say things like, “I used to be able to do 15 Pull Ups in a row, now I can only do 9″ or “My old mile PR is 6:32, but I’m nowhere near that now.”

Not only is progress not happening, regression is kicking in. Jimmy’s progress isn’t just a temporary plataue, it’s actually going backwards!

The Main Problem With Group Fitness…

Two things…

  1. Over glamorization of intensity.
  2. Unrealistic expectation that intensity is the answer.

Why are these a problem? First, you have to earn the right to achieve intensity. This comes with building an aerobic & strength base that takes time. Once that is built, you can begin to introduce intensity. What happens when you try to introduce intensity too soon? You end up like Jimmy…injured, burnt out, and regressing.

The group fitness model glamorizes intensity. Making it seem like it wasn’t a good workout unless you are lying in a pool of your own blood, sweat, and tears. This is an unhealthy relationship with exercise that needs to stop.

Second, 100% intensity is not sustainable for anyone. Even those high profile fitness professionals that make it seem like they are hitting it hard every single day. Guess what? They aren’t.

Sure it looks cool so that’s all they post on Instagram, but they know that if they train like that all the time, their bodies will eventually break down. You have to pick and choose wisely which workouts you hit hard.

So What’s the Answer?

Less intensity for more sustainable progress. That’s right, LESS intensity will result in more progress. That is what training for longevity looks like.

For every “Jimmy” at the gym, there are others who attack workouts the right way. The athletes who are able to consistenty make progress, avoid injuries, and prevent burnout are the ones who go to the gym and do each workout at 60-75% intensity, 5-6 days a week, for years on end. That is how progress is made. Not by going 100% twice a week.

That is how you train for longevity. Remember, training for longevity and health looks a lot different than training for sport. I believe you can be in the best shape of your life AND be pain free doing it.

Ready to get in the best shape of your life?

What You Will Get…

1 on 1 remote coaching and education built around a tailor made, customized, fitness program including:

Initial Questionnaire

To obtain basic information regarding your fitness background, primary goals, prior injuries, and personal needs. (This form is located at the bottom of this page)

Introductory Video Meeting

A 30-minute meeting to gain a deeper understanding of YOUR individual fitness goals, assess current nutrition, and review your training program.

Exercise Programming

Customized program includes specific Warm-Ups, Core Exercises, Strength Training, Conditioning, Corrective Exercises, & Mobility routines based around YOUR individual goals.

Nutrition Guidance

An individualized meal plan, macronutrient guidance, and in depth education on the principles of weight loss and muscle gain.


A minimum of 3 check-ins throughout the week to hold you accountable for your workout and nutrition plans. This will come in the form of your preferred communication style…text, phone call, email, or direct message on social media.

Weekly Check-In

Weekly 15 minute phone meeting to track progress, answer questions, discuss upcoming exercise routines, and make adjustments to your program based on any change in circumstances.

Movement Feedback

Exercise demonstrations, coaching feedback, and movement review via video or video conference call.

Unlimited Messaging

24/7 access to your coach via text message or email, with a guaranteed 24 hour turn around. This is to help you understand your program, clarify exercises, and provide support.

Continuing Education

Your coach will provide mentorship and education so that you will have an in depth understanding of health, fitness, and nutrition in order to become self sufficient.

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