Pete Ellison

Recently with gyms closing down, I found out Danny was offerings classes and since then he has helped me reached my goals.

I came to Danny with a very specific goal, to help me prepare for a physical fitness test for a private dignity protection firm I had applied to. A part of my test was to run 800m in less than 3:45, which for me is quite a feat. I was most nervous about this portion of the test. Thanks to Danny, I passed with ease.

Danny provided an excellent training program to help me achieve this, but he didn’t stop there. He ran 800m intervals with me, helping me pace the distance out. He also coached me through each interval, providing mental strategies to help me stay focused and positive whenever the pain began to set it.

The week I travelled to Los Angeles for the test, Danny was in constant communication with me. He would text me to focus on breathing, staying calm, and easing any anxieties I had going into the test. Danny was always checking in on me and because of that, I could feel his presence when I performed the physical fitness test.

Danny is full of knowledge, empathy, passion, and dedication to his clients. Danny is a great coach and I cannot recommend him enough!