Kim Davis

I first met Danny while he was coaching at a local gym in 2019. I joined the gym (with much hesitation) based on a recommendation from a friend – I had been 6 months into a rehabilitation from surgery and a car accident that left me with lasting injuries. Danny was one of my favorite coaches he made a continued effort to ensure I had the appropriate modifications set up at each class – this was very important to me coming off of some terrible injuries. 

When COVID-19 hit, I wasn’t excited with my current gym’s virtual programming, so I chose to target specific skills I could achieve using my home equipment with Danny as my virtual coach. Danny took into consideration my goals and current fitness level to build weekly workout routines. Danny also worked items from my current physical therapy routine and mobility work into each workout. Having this compiled together keeps me accountable to my personal health goals while remaining pain-free.

I look forward to receiving my workout list each week to see what kinds of things Danny had programmed for me – it takes some of the “thinking” out of the workouts and I am more accountable to my routine because I enjoy his programming so much!

Over the past 12 weeks, I have seen a huge improvement in my abilities, we started with baby steps on skills like pull ups and handstand pushups, and I am very pleased with the progress I am making. Danny’s continual emphasis on safety, good form, and building a strong foundation have allowed me to progress at a pace I didn’t think was possible – and of course, in a pain free manner. I most appreciate that Danny builds in variety and finds creative ways to develop a strong foundation to support my goals. 

During our weekly check in calls, he explains the method to why we are targeting specific items. I am continually amazed at Danny’s level of knowledge and how to attack my fitness goals – I certainly wouldn’t be this organized about it! I also appreciate having access to Danny via text. I am able to share videos of my lifts/workouts and Danny helps isolate areas for improvement or will let me know that I am doing great. I never thought I could enjoy virtual coaching so much.

My only regret is that I didn’t start 1:1 coaching with Danny earlier! Through this process, I have remained pain free, continue to build a strong foundation of functional fitness skills, and am feeling the best I have since before my car accident.