Episode 23.1 – Making Home Brew Coffee, with Rubel Roasting


In this short instructional episode, Danny gives the founder of Rubel Roasting a Q&A regarding the best way to make coffee at home.  If you are a coffee lover and making a great cup of coffee at home is important to you, this is a must listen!

PJ Rubel gives his expert advice on the following home brew topics:

– French Press vs Pour Over

– Difference between a blade and a burr grinder

– Why you should grind beans right before you make the coffee, not pre-ground

– How to silence your grinder so you don’t wake up everyone in the house

– What is the proper bean to water ratio

– Water pour technique

– Does freezing coffee beans preserve freshness?

You can also watch this video where PJ walks you through a step by step coffee making process.

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