Episode 23 – The Power of Positivity with PJ Rubel


In this episode, Danny gets a heavy dose of caffeine and positivity when he sits down with owner and founder of Rubel Roasting CoffeePJ Rubel shares how he turned his passion for coffee into his very own family business.  They also talk about the squatty potty, coaching 5am fitness classes, and how PJ turned a potentially nightmarish weekend at the 2014 CrossFit Games Regionals into a positive shift in perspective on his day to day life forever.

Prior to that, Danny talks about how a strong “why” will always create a “how”, applying mindfulness into your daily life, being relentlessly optimistic, and answers a listener’s question on how to minimize anxiety surrounding your early wake up call.

In case you want to skip around, here is where you can find each segment.  Enjoy!

2:30 – If your “why” is strong enough, you will find a “how”

9:50 – The importance of mindfulness

13:30 – Approaching life with “Positive Paranoia”

17:40 – Why constructive criticism is a must for personal growth

20:00 – Listener question: How can I minimize sleep anxiety regarding an early wake up call?

32:00 – Conversation with PJ Rubel (rubelroasting.com)

1:28:15 – Closing

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