Developing Mental Toughness, Building Community, & Starting a Business From Scratch with Chris Roberson – Iron Crew Podcast Episode 106

Learn the power of putting yourself in difficult situations in order to grow as a human, develop mental toughness, & take your talent to the next level.


Setting Boundaries in Relationships, How to Foster Growth With Your Significant Other, & Why Friends With Benefits Never Works – Iron Crew Podcast Episode 105

Learn how to set up appropriate boundaries in all of your relationships to prevent burnout and fatigue.


Hierarchy of Exercises Using the Iron Crew Fitness Pyramid, the Importance of Unplugging, Why Muscles Twitch After a Workout, and More – Iron Crew Podcast Episode 103

This episode discusses what the most important exercises are in your training program. Also discussed is why muscles twitch when not working out and why unplugging is necessary for optimum productivity.

Mental Health, Podcast

Domestic Violence, Cycle of Abuse, & How to Get Out of an Abusive Relationship – Iron Crew Podcast Episode 102

This episode is about identifying the signs of the "Cycle of Abuse" and how to get help.


How to Develop Handstand Push Up Strength, Best Substitute for Rowing, the Best Hamstring Exercise You Aren’t Doing, & MORE – Iron Crew Podcast Episode 100

This episode discusses fitness tips, COVID19 updates, and other current events.