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Prison Diary | Week 2 – You Have to Die to Be Reborn Iron Crew Podcast

In the Prison Diary episodes, I read each one of my daily journal entries while incarcerated. Each journal entry has inspiring self growth lessons that can be applied to all areas of life. No matter what you are struggling with, just know we are all fighting similar battles. In this episode, I talk about how in order to grow into a stronger, better person you must kill the person you currently are. This isn’t easy, and takes a tremendous amount of brutal honesty, introspection, and vulnerability. I also talk about my exercise routine, a detailed breakdown of the food in county jail, and why nobody has the right to judge anybody. Remember to subscribe to this podcast, leave a rating, and a review! Also share this episode with friends, family, and on your social media! Check out my Fitness Programs Work with me 1 on 1 Website – ironcrewathletics.com YouTube – Iron Crew Athletics Email – danny@ironcrewathletics.com Subscribe to the BLOG Music provided by Kung Fu Vampire. Cover photography by A2BeMedia.
  1. Prison Diary | Week 2 – You Have to Die to Be Reborn
  2. How Being a Mentor Can Save Your Life, Why Everyone Should Learn Chess, How Many Calories Does Sex Burn, & More
  3. Prison Diary | Week 1 – This Will Not Break Me
  4. Losing Fat While Maintaining Muscle, Fixing Hip Pain After Deadlifts, Managing Energy Levels, & More
  5. Prison Diary | Week 0 – Why Prison Made Me a Better Person

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