Client Testimonials

“With that insight, he is able to serve you, help you, and guide you.” – Chris Robertson

“Working with Danny has truly been amazing. He is not only knowledgable in his field of expertise but has a great personality to work with.” – Serena Moon

“In addition to being an awesome coach, Danny has become a great confidant and friend. I can talk to him about anything and I don’t feel silly in bringing up topics that are personal.”Noopur Pandey

“Danny is not a one size fits all kind of coach, he takes the time to understand you and your goals as an individual. I have lost over 20 pounds in 3 months working with Danny!”Casey Colopy

“Danny stands out in the fitness world with his knowledge and contagious enthusiasm. I highly recommend him as your personal trainer!” – Ben Hansen

“Danny is full of knowledge, empathy, passion, and dedication to his clients. Danny is a great coach and I cannot recommend him enough!” – Pete Ellison

I feel the best I have since before my car accident. My only regret is I didn’t start 1 on 1 coaching with Danny earlier!” – Kim Davis

“Anyone can be a trainer, but it takes a very special and knowledgable trainer to be able to understand your specific fitness needs.” – Ester Karapetyan

“Not only am I seeing definition in my arms and legs for the first time in a while, but my energy levels are through the roof!” – Ruth David

“I’d trust Danny to train any member of my family or lead any program in my gym. Without a doubt, you’ll never go wrong with Danny leading your fitness journey.” – Chris Robertson

“Danny was always professional, upbeat, and honest about what improvement should be made.He is a great coach that I would highly recommend!” – Kori Pierce

“I love working with Danny! I learn so much about fitness and wellness every time I speak with him.” – Fran Palacio

“With Danny’s program, I made great progress on all of my lifts. I highly recommend Danny as a personal trainer and/or remote coach!” – Nate Pierce

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