15 Minute Running Warm-Up for 10k or Less

Prep Your Body and Mind with This 15 Minute Running Warm Up

If you are trying to put forth a strong effort in your runs, a proper warm up is a must. This warm-up is fantastic for those running, or training for, a distance of 10k or less.

The warm-up is designed to prep the ankles, calves, knees, and hips for a fast effort. I would not recommend this warm up for anything longer than a 10k, as it may waste valuable energy for those longer distances.

I do this warm up every day and have found it the best way to prep the body and mind, as well as, prevent injury. Here it is…

  • 1 Mile Jog at 25-50% of your target pace for the day.

  • 4 Rounds:
  • 10m High Knees
  • 10m Butt Kickers
  • 10m Karaoka (Left)
  • 10m Karaoka (Right)
  • 10m Speed Skips
  • 10m Power Skips (distance)
  • 200m Run

  • Rest 2-3 minutes, then start your race/training.

The goal is to increase your pace/intensity each round. The 4th, and final, 200m should be at your target pace for the day. Doing this will allow your body and mind to slowly warm up to the desired intensity.

I demonstrate each drill in the video below, and go over common faults for each.

Watch the full tutorial video

I hope you enjoy! Let me know if you have any questions by leaving a comment below.

I will be posting more running and fitness information here in the future. I am also currently training for a sub 5 minute mile, and am vlogging that journey.

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