Episode 27 – Bring Your A-Game with Gina Hendrix


Danny gets to sit down with celebrity matchmaker Gina Hendrix in this special Valentine’s Day episode!  With over 10 years of matchmaking experience, Gina drops a ton of knowledge on how to spark initial attraction, setting up an online dating profile, determining the right time to get married, and how to keep your long term relationship hot and spicy!  Gina also tears apart Danny’s old Tinder profile and explains why he had it all wrong.  You won’t want to miss that part!

Before their conversation, Danny shares how implementing stoicism into your day helps with productivity, the cute story behind his son getting a pull up bar, and the note he left in Shannon’s car.  Danny also discusses the sick and twisted history behind Valentine’s Day, some simple last minute Valentine’s Day gift ideas, and why you may feel lethargic the day following a rest day.  

In case you want to skip around, here is where you can find each segment.  Enjoy!

3:20 – How implementing mindfulness and stoicism into your day creates more opportunities 

7:40 – Danny’s son gets a pull up bar and how to create parent/child bonding moments

11:40 – The sick and twisted history behind Valentine’s Day

15:25 – Easy, thoughtful, last minute Valentine’s Day gift ideas

22:20 – Listener Question: Why do I feel lethargic after a rest day?

28:52 – Conversation with Gina Hendrix

1:16:51 – Closing

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