No Equipment Home Workouts for COVID-19 Lockdown


With the world being in either full lock down or shelter in place mode, we all need to be prepared to workout at home.  Make no mistake, the COVID-19 pandemic will get worse before it gets better.  Keeping your body healthy enhances your immune system and places you in a lower risk group to have complications, should you contract the virus.  It’s times like this where your health is MOST important.  Without it, literally nothing else matters.

With all of the stress and uncertainty right now, we should be shifting the focus of our training to restoration.  By intensifying workouts, it will just add to that stress, which we don’t want.  Everyone should be exercising at a moderate intensity.  This is a great time to focus on nasal breathing, using your diaphragm (not chest) to initiate each breath.

On to the Nitty Gritty…

These are home gym workouts that require no equipment.  Each workout is roughly 1 hour long and includes a Warm-Up, Workout, and Cool Down.

Each workout is written for the advanced gym goer, however, included with each are beginner, intermediate, and advanced+ options so that everyone can participate, regardless of ability level.

I have provided 7 days worth of programming.  If you are advanced, you should be able to handle 5-6 workouts per week.  Intermediate folks should aim for 4-5 days per week, with beginners striving for 3-4 days per week.

Want More Programs?

If you would like more at home programming, contact me here!  I will put together personal programming based on the equipment you have access to and your personal needs.

If you’re interested in more FREE home workouts, check out my BASIC HOME GYM workouts here!


Workout #1

Warm Up:  25 minute Run at a moderate pace, focus on breathing with your diaphragm.

Workout:  10 Sets for Quality (not fast), rest as needed between movements and sets – 10 Push Ups, 15 Sit Ups, 20 Air Squats

Beginner – 5 Push Ups, 7 Sit Ups, 10 Air Squats

Intermediate – 7 Push Ups, 10 Sit Ups, 15 Air Squats

Advanced+ – 10 Clapping Push Ups, 15 V-Ups, 20 Jumping Air Squats

Modifications:  Modify Push Ups to Knee Push Ups and Sit Ups to Crunches as needed.

Cool Down:  10 minutes of stretching.  Single Leg Forward Fold (1 min each side), Half Saddle (1 min each side), Low Dragon (1 min each side), Child’s Pose (1 min), Down Dog (1 min).

Workout #2

Warm Up:  5 Sets, :45 Work/:15 Rest at each of these 3 stations – Jumping Jacks, Cossack Squats, Plank Shoulder Taps.  Rotate through each station for a total of 15 minutes.

Workout:  6 Sets, :45 Work/:15 Rest at each of these 5 stations – Static Lunge Hold (left leg forward), Mt Climbers, Static Lunge Hold (right leg forward), Flutter Kicks, High Plank Hold.  Rotate through each station for a total of 30 minutes.

Beginner – Reduce each set to :20 Work/:40 Rest at each station.

Intermediate – Reduce each set to :30 Work/:30 Rest at each station.

Advanced+ – Increase each set to :50 work/:10 Rest at each station.

Modifications:  Modify Lunge Hold to less depth, reduce range of motion on Mt. Climbers, and switch to Low Plank Hold as needed.

Cool Down:  10 minutes of stretching.  2 minutes at each stretch…Seal Pose, Double Leg Forward Fold, Full Saddle, Down Dog, and Sumo Squat.

Workout #3

Warm Up:  5 Sets – 20 Groiners (10 each side), 15 Up Downs, 10 Bent Over Arm Raises, 5 Inch Worms.

Workout:  5 Sets – 10 Superman’s, 10 Alternating Jumping Lunges (5 each side), 10 Jumping Air Squats, 10 Pike Push Ups, 10 “6 count” Burpees.

*Rest 1:00 between sets.  Jump as high as you can on the Jumping Air Squats.  Burpees are “6 count”, meaning you must hit each of the following 6 positions.  From a standing position…squat and place hands on ground, sprawl into a plank, perform a push up, pause at the top (plank), kick both feet back up into a squat, then jump off the ground.  No flopping, no stepping back, no “snaking” the Push Up, and keep your feet at hip width the entire time.  These are PERFECT burpees.

Beginner – Increase rest period to 2:00 each round.

Intermediate – Increase rest period to 1:30 each round.

Advanced+ – Reduce the rest period to :30 and go HARD each round.

Modifications:  Modify Jump Lunges to regular Alternating Lunges, Jumping Squats to regular Air Squats, Pike Push Ups to Knee Push Ups, and Burpees to Up-Downs as needed.

Cool Down:  10 minutes stretching.  2 minutes of each…Seated Crossed Shin (right leg in front), Seated Crossed Shin (left leg in front), Lying Supine Twist (right side), Lying Supine Twist (left side), Plantar Fascia Stretch.

Workout #4

Warm Up:  5 Sets at your own pace, quality reps – 10 Arm Haulers/ 15 Sit Ups/ 20 Russian Twists.

Workout:  “Deck of Cards” workout.  You’ll need to choose two exercises and have a deck of cards handy (there are also apps for this).  Shuffle the deck and draw a card.  Perform the number of reps you see on the card for each movement.  For face cards, Jacks = 11, Queen = 12, King = 13, Ace = 14.  Once you complete the reps, flip another card.  Keep doing this until you have gone through the entire deck.  Total reps will be 416 per exercise, so choose wisely.  Movements chosen should be movements you are comfortable doing for high volume, high repetitions.  **Avoid GHD Sit Ups, Pull Ups, Jumping Pull Ups, and Box Jumps.

My personal favorite for this amount of volume is Sit Ups and Air Squats.  For example, if you were to flip over a 9, you would do 9 Sit Ups and 9 Air Squats before turning the next card.  Other great options include Push Ups, Supermans, Arm Haulers, Burpees, Alt. Lunges, Russian Twists, Jumping Jacks, Calf Raises, Glute Bridges.  But don’t stop there, be creative!

Beginner – Use 1/3 of the deck, which would be 17 cards.

Intermediate – Use 2/3 of the deck, which would be 34 cards.

Advanced+ – Add a third movement into the mix, still using a simple bodyweight movement.

Modifications:  The only thing to consider here is being realistic with your own physical limitations.  With the high volume of the deck of cards, do not bite off more than you can chew on this one!

Cool Down:  10 minutes “Danny Flow”.  This is a flow style cool down that rotates through :30 of Cossack Squats, Lizard Stretch, “Worlds Greatest Stretch”, Dragon Pose, Full Saddle, Down Dog, Seal Pose, and Saddle with Toe Stretch.

Workout #5

Warm Up:  5 Sets – 10 Single Leg RDL (each side), 1 Shoulder Complex, 100m Jog.  *1 “Shoulder Complex” consists of 10 Bent Over Arm Raises, 10 Standing Side Raises, and 10 Standing Front Raises with no weight in hands.

Workout:  This workout is called “21’s”.  You pick two movements and begin by doing 20/1, then 19/2, 18/3, and so on until you end with 1/20.  Each set consists of 21 reps.  The total repetitions for each movement are 210, so choose wisely!

My personal favorite is Push Ups and Sit Ups.  Other options are Burpees, Jumping Split Lunges, Jumping Air Squats, Up Downs, Tuck Jumps, Arm Haulers, Air Squats, the sky is the limit!

Beginner – Reduce volume to “11’s”.  10/1, 9/2,…all the way down to 1/10.

Intermediate – Reduce volume to “16’s”.  15/1,…all the way down to 1/15.

Advanced+ – Incorporate more advanced movements like Clapping Push Ups, Pistol Squats, Handstand Push Ups, etc.

Modifications:  Be realistic with the movements you choose, the volume is sneaky and adds up quick!

Cool Down:  10 minutes Stretching.  1 minute on each…Twisted Cross (each side), Thread the Needle (each side), Child’s Pose, Down Dog, Standing Quad Stretch (each side), Standing Cross Body Shoulder Stretch (each side).

Workout #6

Warm Up:  15 Minutes rotating through as many sets of these movements as possible, at a moderate warm up pace…10 Alternating Samson Lunges, 10 J-Squats, 10 Shoulder Circles forward/back, 10 Scap Push Ups, 10 Alternating Table Tops.

Workout:  Part 1 – “Death By Burpee”.  Start a clock and do 1 Burpee the first minute, 2 Burpees the second minute, so on and so forth until you cannot perform the required amount within the minute.  When you complete the required amount within the minute, use the remainder of that minute to rest.    Strive to work for 20 minutes, even if you fall off.  For example, if you get to minute 10 and cannot perform 10 Burpees in that minute, subtract 2-3 reps and keep going until 20 minutes is up.  So in that case, you’d finish the last 10 minutes doing 7-8 reps each minute.

Part 2 – “Death by 10m Shuttle Run”.  Same format as above, except you’ll be adding 10 meters each minute.  This is shuttle run style, so after the first minute you will be running 10m down and back until you hit the required distance.  This one won’t last as long as the Burpees.  Strive to work for 15 minutes even if you fall off pace, using the same scheme as above.

Beginner – Strive to hit 10 Burpees on Part 1 and 80m on Part 2.

Intermediate – Strive to hit 15 Burpees on Part 1 and 110m on Part 2.

Advanced+ – Strive to hit 25 Burpees on Part 1 and 170m on Part 2.

Modifications:  Switch Burpees to Up-Downs as needed.  This is also a format that can be used for many movements.  Push Ups, Sit Ups, Squats…the possibilities are endless.

Cool Down:  10 minutes stretching.  1 min Triceps Stretch (each side), 1 min doorway Chest Stretch (each side), 1 min Seated Trunk Twist (each side), 2 min Seated Straddle, 1 min Forearm Stretch (each side).

Workout #7

Warm Up:  10 Minutes rotating through as many sets of these movements at a moderate, warm up pace…:20 R Side Plank, :20 Plank, :20 L Side Plank, 10 Alternating Lunges w/Twist, :30 Bottom of Squat Hold, 30 Jumping Jacks.

Workout:  Part 1 – 5 Sets – 30 Ice Skaters, 10 Bodyweight “Man Makers”, 30 Glute Bridge Ups.  Each set of Ice Skaters and Glute Bridge Ups should be done without stopping.  Pause for :01 at the top of each Glute Bridge Up.

1 Bodyweight “Man Maker” includes…2 Alternating Jumping Split Lunges, Sprawl into a Plank, Push Up, Sit Through (left), Sit Through (right), two foot kick up towards feet, then stand.  Each rep should be smooth and deliberate.  Quality movement before speed.

Part 2 – 5 Sets – :30 Hollow Hold/ 10 Diamond Push Ups.

Beginner – 10 Ice Skaters, 3 “Man Makers”, 10 Glute Bridge Ups.

Intermediate – 20 Ice Skaters, 7 “Man Makers”, 20 Glute Bridge Ups.

Advanced+ – 40 Ice Skaters, 12 “Man Makers”, 40 Glute Bridge Ups.

Modifications:  Part 1…Modify Ice Skaters to Side Lunges and take out the Sit Throughs on the “Man Makers” as needed.  Part 2…Modify Hollow Hold to Tuck Hold and Diamond Push Ups to regular Push Ups as needed.

Cool Down:  10 minutes of stretching.  1 minute Down Dog with Calf Stretch (each side), 1 minute Pigeon Pose (each side), 1 minute 90/90 Stretch (each side), 1 minute Seated Pretzel (each side), 2 minutes Corpse’s Pose.

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