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With the world being in either full lock down or shelter in place mode, we all need to be prepared to workout at home.  Make no mistake, the COVID-19 pandemic will get worse before it gets better.  Keeping your body healthy enhances your immune system and places you in a lower risk group to have complications, should you contract the virus.  It’s times like this where your health is MOST important.  Without it, literally nothing else matters.

With all of the stress and uncertainty right now, we should be shifting the focus of our training to restoration.  By intensifying workouts, it will just add to that stress, which we don’t want.  Everyone should be exercising at a moderate intensity.  This is a great time to focus on nasal breathing, using your diaphragm (not chest) to initiate each breath.

On to the Nitty Gritty…

These are home gym workouts that require some basic equipment.  You will need…2 light Dumbbells, a light Kettlebell, a bench, and a Pull Up bar.  Each workout is roughly 1 hour long and includes a Warm-Up, Workout, and Cool Down.

Each workout is written for the advanced gym goer, however, included with each are beginner, intermediate, and advanced+ options so that everyone can participate, regardless of ability level.

I have provided 7 days worth of programming.  If you are advanced, you should be able to handle 5-6 workouts per week.  Intermediate folks should aim for 4-5 days per week, with beginners striving for 3-4 days per week.

Want More Programs?

If you would like more at home programming, contact me here!  I will put together personal programming based on the equipment you have access to and your personal needs.

If you’re interested in more FREE home workouts, check out my NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED home workouts here!


Workout #1

Warm Up:  25 minute Jog at a moderate pace, focus on breathing with your diaphragm.

Workout:  10 Rounds for Quality (not fast) – 5 Strict Pull Ups, 10 Push Ups, 15 Air Squats.

Beginner – 1 Pull Up, 3 Push Ups, 5 Air Squats.

Intermediate – 3 Pull Ups, 6 Push Ups, 10 Air Squats.

Advanced+ – 5 Chest to Bar Pull Ups, 10 Clapping Push Ups, 15 Jumping Air Squats.

Modifications:  Modify Pull Ups by performing :20 Dead Hang from the bar for each set.  Modify Push Ups to Knee Push Ups as needed.

Cool Down:  10 minutes of stretching.  Single Leg Forward Fold (1 min each side), Half Saddle (1 min each side), Low Dragon (1 min each side), Child’s Pose (1 min), Down Dog (1 min).

Workout #2

Warm Up:  5 Sets, :45 Work/:15 Rest at each of these 3 stations – Jumping Jacks, Cossack Squats, Plank Shoulder Taps.  Rotate through each station for a total of 15 minutes.

Workout:  6 Sets, :45 Work/:15 Rest at each of these 5 stations – Static KB/DB Goblet Split Squat (left side), Flutter Kicks, Static KB/DB Goblet Split Squat (right side), Mt. Climbers, High Plank Hold.

Beginner – Reduce each set to :20 Work/:40 Rest at each station.

Intermediate – Reduce each set to :30 Work/:30 Rest at each station.

Advanced+ – Increase each set to :50 Work/:10 Rest at each station.  Do Weighted Flutter Kicks and Weighted Plank Holds.

Modifications:  Modify Lunge Hold to less depth, reduce range of motion on Mt. Climbers, and switch to Low Plank Hold as needed.

Cool Down:  10 minutes of stretching, 2 minutes at each stretch…Seal Pose, Double Leg Forward Fold, Full Saddle, Down Dog, and Sumo Squat.

Workout #3

Warm Up:  5 Sets – 20 Groiners (10 each side), 15 Russian KB Swings, 10 DB Bent Over Rows, 5 Inch Worms.

Workout:  5 Sets – 15 DB Deadlifts, 12 DB Hang Power Cleans, 9 DB Front Squats, 6 DB Strict Press, 10 “6 count” Burpees.  Rest 1:00 between each set.

DB’s should be light enough to do each set without placing them down.  The Burpees are “6 count”, meaning you must hit each of the following 6 positions.  From a standing position…squat and place hands on ground, sprawl into a plank, perform a push up, pause at the top (plank), kick both feet back up into a quarter squat, then jump off the ground.  No flopping, no stepping back, and keep your feet at hip width the entire time.  These are PERFECT burpees.

Beginner – Increase rest period to 2:00 between sets.

Intermediate – Increase rest period to 1:30 between sets.

Advanced+ – Decrease rest period to :30 between sets.

Modifications:  Modify Burpees to Up-Downs as needed.

Cool Down:  10 minutes stretching, 2 minutes of each…Seated Crossed Shin (right leg in front), Seated Crossed Shin (left leg in front), Lying Supine Twist (right side), Lying Supine Twist (left side), Plantar Fascia Stretch.

Workout #4

Warm Up:  5 Sets at your own pace, quality reps – 10 Arm Haulers/ 15 Sit Ups/ 20 Russian Twists.

Workout:  30 Minutes, “Every Minute on the Minute” (EMOM), rotate through these 3 movements…1st Min = 12 Burpees, 2nd Min = 20 KB Sumo Deadlift High Pull, 3rd Min = 30 DB Push Press.  Weights used for Min 2/3 should be light enough to do all repetitions without dropping the weights.

Beginner – 8 Burpees, 12 KB Sumo Deadlift High Pulls, and 20 Push Press.

Intermediate – 10 Burpees, 15 KB Sumo Deadlift High Pulls, and 20 Push Press.

Advanced+ – 15 Burpees, 25 KB Sumo Deadlift High Pulls, and 35 Push Press.

Modifications:  Change Burpees to Up-Downs as needed.

Cool Down:  10 minutes “Danny Flow”.  This is a flow style cool down that rotates through :30 of each…Cossack Squats, Lizard Stretch, “Worlds Greatest Stretch”, Dragon Pose, Full Saddle, Down Dog, Seal Pose, and Saddle with Toe Stretch.

Workout #5

Warm Up:  5 Sets – 10 Single Leg RDL (each side), 1 Shoulder Complex, 100m Jog.  *1 “Shoulder Complex” consists of 10 Bent Over Arm Raises, 10 Standing Side Raises, and 10 Standing Front Raises with no weight in hands.

Workout:  5 Sets – 30 Russian Kettlebell Swings, 30 Glute Bridge-Ups, 10 “Man Makers”.  Move from one movement to the next with as little rest as possible.  You should aim to be moving the entire time.  Pick a Kettlebell that is light-moderate, something that you can do 30 without breaking.  Glute Bridge-Ups should be done with a 1 second pause at the top.

You’ll need a pair of light dumbbells for the “Man Makers”.  1 “Man Maker” consists of…with dumbbells in hands, 1 Push Up, 1 Renegade Row (left), 1 Renegade Row (right), kick both feet back up towards the dumbbells, right into a Squat Clean Thruster.  That is 1 rep.

Beginner – 10 Russian KB Swings, 10 Glute Bridge-Ups, 3 “Man Makers”.

Intermediate – 20 Russian KB Swings, 20 Glute Bridge-Ups, 7 “Man Makers”.

Advanced+ – 30 American KB Swings and 30 Weighted Glute Bridge-Ups.

Modifications:  If the “Man Makers” slow you down significantly, eliminate the Push Up and the Squat.  So it would be 1 Renegade Row (left), 1 Renegade Row (right), kick up into a Power Clean and Press.

Cool Down:  10 minutes Stretching.  1 minute on each…Twisted Cross (each side), Thread the Needle (each side), Child’s Pose, Down Dog, Standing Quad Stretch (each side), Standing Cross Body Shoulder Stretch (each side).

Workout #6

Warm Up:  10 Minutes rotating through as many of these movements as possible, at a moderate warm up pace…10 Alternating Samson Lunges, 10 J-Squats, 10 Shoulder Circles forward/back, 10 Scap Push Ups, 10 Alternating Table Tops.

Workout:  Part 1…”21’s” – Strict Hanging Knee Raise/DB Bench Press.  “21’s” go as follows…20 Hanging Knee Raise/1 DB Bench Press, 19 Knee Raise/ 2 DB Bench, so on and so forth, ending at 1/20.  Each set equals 21 reps.  Total reps = 210 of each exercise.  Weight on the DB Bench should be light-moderate.

Part 2…”10-1″ – DB Arnold Press, DB Bent Over Rows, and DB Bulgarian Split Squats.  Perform 10 reps of each…rest a bit…9 of each…rest a bit…all the way down until 1.  Each set should be without stopping, so go light-moderate with the DB’s.

Part 3…3×10 – Triceps Ext/Hammer Curls/RDL.  Keep the weights light here and focus on form.  This is considered accessory work.

Beginner – Reduce to “11’s”.  10/1, 9/2,…1/10 for Part 1.

Intermediate – Reduce to “16’s.  15/1, 14/2,…1/15 for Part 1.

Advanced+ – Strict Toes to Bar for Part 1.

Modifications:  Modify Knee Raises to V-Ups or Sit-Ups and Bulgarian Split Squats to Lunges as needed.

Cool Down:  10 minutes stretching.  1 min Triceps Stretch (each side), 1 min doorway Chest Stretch (each side), 1 min Seated Trunk Twist (each side), 2 min Seated Straddle, 1 min Forearm Stretch (each side).

Workout #7

Warm Up:  10 Minutes rotating through as many sets of these movements at a moderate, warm up pace…:20 R Side Plank, :20 Plank, :20 L Side Plank, 10 Alternating Lunges w/Twist, :30 Bottom of Squat Hold, 30 Jumping Jacks.

Workout:  Part 1 – “Death by Thruster”.  Dumbbells, Kettlebells, or Barbells are okay, but the weight should be considered light.  Start a clock and do 1 Thruster the first minute, 2 Thrusters the second minute, so on and so forth until you cannot perform the required amount within the minute.  When you complete the required amount within the minute, use the remainder of that minute to rest.    Strive to work for 20 minutes, even if you fall off.  For example, if you get to minute 10 and cannot perform 10 in that minute, subtract 2-3 reps and keep going until 20 minutes is up.  So in that case, you’d finish the last 10 minutes doing 7-8 reps each minute.

Part 2 – “Death by Devils Press”.  Dumbbell weight should be considered light.  Same format as above, except this one won’t last as long as the Thrusters.  Devil’s Presses get nasty quick.  Strive to work for 15 minutes, even if you fall off pace.

Beginner – Strive to hit 10 Thrusters on Part 1 and 8 Devil’s Presses on Part 2.

Intermediate – Strive to hit 15 Thrusters on Part 1 and 11 Devil’s Presses on Part 2.

Advanced+ – Shoot for 25 Thrusters on Part 1 and 17 Devil’s Presses on Part 2.

Modifications:  Remove the Push Up from Devil’s Press if it slows you down significantly.

Cool Down:  10 minutes of stretching.  1 minute Down Dog with Calf Stretch (each side), 1 minute Pigeon Pose (each side), 1 minute 90/90 Stretch (each side), 1 minute seated pretzel (each side), 2 minutes Corpse’s Pose.

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