Michael Cazayoux | Courage To Stand – Iron Crew Podcast Episode 37


Danny sits down with Michael Cazayoux from Brute Strength!  Michael has spent countless hours on his own personal development and is committed to sharing his knowledge with the world.  Danny and Michael talk about the importance of having multiple emotional “buckets” to fill up, how he became such a good romantic partner, and how he manages negative thoughts.  Michael then discusses why it is important for men to talk about their emotions, how to bring up the little annoyances with your romantic partner, and where the saying “Owning your shit is sexy” stems from.  Michael also shares his newfound relationship with food after a long stint with the Keto diet and how to eat for athletic performance vs cognitive function.  

Before their conversation, Danny shares why during Easter Sunday he thought about why Rap music is no different than good ol’ fashioned Oldies music.  He also dives into why the way you move outside the gym is way more valuable than inside the gym, a communication pro tip that you can use with anyone important in your life, and answers a listener question regarding how safe it is for young children to lift weights.  Lastly, you can now WATCH Danny’s podcast on YouTube.  Go to the Iron Crew Athletics YouTube channel and check out Danny do his thing behind the mic!

Here is where you can find each segment in case you want to skip around.  Enjoy!

:30 – Michael Cazayoux’s commitment to wellness and personal growth

2:15 – Why modern day rap music has the same message as oldies

7:33 – A communication pro tip that you can use when involved in conflict

13:08 – How reframing your day-to-day movement can help you in the gym

16:24 – Listener Question: Is it safe for young children to lift weights?

21:13 – Rubel Roasting is the freshest coffee available, roast to order

22:31 – Decrease pain in hard to reach spots using the vibrating foam roller by Kingsfield Fitness

24:20 – Conversation with Michael Cazayoux

1:07:30 – Closing: Check out the raw and uncut version of each podcast on the Iron Crew Athletics YouTube Channel!

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