Pros and Cons of Fad Diets and the Importance of Lifestyle Habits for Weight Loss with Nutrition Coach Arielle Bloom on the Iron Crew Podcast


Danny sits down with Arielle Bloom, a nutrition coach and West Coast Advantage co-founder!  Arielle shares her struggles with food and how she made the change to start eating healthy.  Arielle then goes into the pros and cons of many popular diets, including Paleo, Zone, Weight Watchers, Keto, and more.  She also talks about what happens to your body when it goes into a caloric deficit and the harm it can do.  Finally, she gives actionable advice on how to stay healthy at parties, dinner dates, and holidays.  This is an awesome episode for anyone who wants to take their nutrition game to the next level.  

Before their conversation, Danny explains the importance of identifying communication styles with loved ones, why training for longevity will improve your quality of life, and how to find inspiration during the hardest of times.  He also shares his amazing experience touring the 9/11 Memorial in New York City.  Finally, Danny answers a listener question:  What is the most important thing to consider before joining a gym?  You might be surprised at his response.  

Here is where you can find each segment in case you want to skip around.  Enjoy!

:26 – Why counting macros is only part of proper nutrition coaching

1:57 – How sleep, stress, and lifestyle habits affect weight gain and loss

2:52 – Danny’s “Week That Was” supported by Kingsfield Fitness, use “ironcrew” discount code for 20% off a 4-speed vibrating foam roller!

4:49 – The importance of identifying communication styles with those around you

7:06 – How to clarify meaning in the words you use

10:55 – Danny’s take on the 9/11 Memorial in New York City

12:11 – Why training for longevity will help with your travels

13:44 – Shifting focus in your training to improve quality of life

16:51 – “Forged in Adversity” – Finding inspiration during the hardest of times

20:39 – Listener Question:  What is the most important thing to consider before joining a gym?

26:59 – Guest Interview supported by Rubel Roasting, use “ironcrew” discount code for 10% off the freshest coffee around!

29:29 – Conversation with Arielle Bloom

1:13:01 – Closing remarks supported by Life Ready Foods, use “ironcrew” discount code for 10% off a bag of grass fed beef protein powder, a great whey alternative!

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