Sal Di Stefano | Growth Mindset – Iron Crew Podcast Episode 35


Sal Di Stefano, host of Mind Pump, joins Danny in this entertaining and insightful episode.  Sal and Danny go down memory lane as they discuss some hilarious stories from their childhood, including the time Sal beat up a kid who was bullying Danny.  Sal also drops a ton of knowledge on what the heck “gut health” actually means, the importance of listening to your body before you workout, and tells the truth about how he feels about CrossFit.  

Before their conversation, Danny reveals what his favorite podcast really is, goes down memory lane on his old intro music, and breaks down how to get your first handstand push up.  He also tells two amazing stories about how a Bumble date turned into reconnecting with Sal, and how Sal inspired Danny to pursue podcasting.  You won’t want to miss this episode!

Here is where you can find each segment in case you want to skip around.  Enjoy!

:28 – Danny reveals his favorite podcast

4:55 – Danny revisits his first intro music

6:45 – How a Bumble date helped Danny reconnect with Sal

9:20 – The hilarious story about when Danny’s older brother and Sal beat up a bully

13:43 – Listener Question:  How to get your first handstand push up

23:20 – Conversation with Sal Di Stefano

1:08:54 – Closing

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