How to Develop Handstand Push Up Strength, Best Substitute for Rowing, the Best Hamstring Exercise You Aren’t Doing, & MORE – Iron Crew Podcast Episode 100

This episode discusses fitness tips, COVID19 updates, and other current events.


New Podcast! Tips to Stop Overeating, Fix Low Back Pain, and MORE!

This episode answers listener questions and discusses why defining your "why" results in better success.

Sunday With Shannon

COVID 19’s Effect on Your Romantic Relationship: How to Maintain Individuality, Stay Physically Active, and Continue to Grow During Shelter in Place

This podcast is about how to thrive in a romantic relationship during the COVID 19 epidemic.

Guest Interviews

How to Quit Your Bull Shit 9-5 Job to Pursue Happiness, Why Social Media is Addicting, and the Importance of Unplugging from Technology w/Karon Hawkins – Iron Crew Podcast Episode 66

This episode is about when to quit your job to pursue your passion, the addictive nature of social media, and importance of unplugging from technology.


Sal Di Stefano | Growth Mindset – Iron Crew Podcast Episode 35

Sal Di Stefano, host of Mind Pump, joins Danny in this entertaining and insightful episode.  Sal and Danny go down memory lane as they discuss some hilarious stories from their childhood, including the time Sal beat up a kid who was bullying Danny.  Sal also drops a ton of knowledge on what the heck “gut… Continue reading Sal Di Stefano | Growth Mindset – Iron Crew Podcast Episode 35