How to Naturally Improve Growth Hormone Production & Why Your Dr. Doesn’t Approve of CrossFit – Iron Crew Podcast Episode 92


Danny starts off with why you are likely feeling lethargic, anxious, and overwhelmed after 5 weeks of COVID-19 Shelter in Place, and what you can do to overcome these feelings.  He also answers questions that YOU submitted!  Covering topics ranging from recovering after a tough training session, to the importance of sleep on athletic performance.

Listener Question Answered:

Steve asks How does sleep affect athletic performance?

Fernando ask How should I incorporate ice, heat, and stretching into my recovery routine?

Ria asks My Dr. says that CrossFit is an extreme sport, is that true?

Sri asks How can you tell if a protein powder is clean?  

Lisa asks How can I tell if a protein bar is healthy?  Can you rate the best and worst?

Ramon asks With COVID-19 shelter in place, when do you see gym’s opening back up?

Sandro asks A listener asks Danny how long he has been working out?

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