Tuesday Takeover

The Reason Gun Violence Exists, Coping Mechanisms After Failure, and the Id, Ego, & SuperEgo – Iron Crew Podcast Episode 57

This podcast is about gun violence, the different levels of human consciousness, and how to cope with loss. Also discussed is how to train for a marathon.

Tuesday Takeover

Tuesday Takeover – A Day in the Life of a Cop, Changing Careers, and Job Stress

Podcast episode about a day in the life of a police officer, changing careers, and how to manage depression, anxiety, and panic attacks in the workplace.


Avoiding Toxic Relationships, the Sexiest Quality in a Man, and Why Women Are Attracted to Jerks with Relationship Coach Stephanie Ganowski on the Iron Crew Podcast

This podcast episode is all about self love, how to attract the opposite sex, and how to find happiness in a relationship.