Iron Crew Podcast Episode 90 – Surviving as a Couple During COVID-19

Podcast episode about how to manage being in a relationship during COVID-19 shelter in place. Including how to create physical and emotional space.

Sunday With Shannon

Emotional Loss During COVID-19 Shelter in Place, Creating a New Normalcy, Staying on Top of Your Routine, & Recalibrating Your Circadian Rhythm for a Better Nights Sleep – Iron Crew Podcast Episode 89

This podcast episode is about the emotional loss surrounding COVID-19, how to get better sleep by recalibrating your circadian rhythm, and creating a new norm.


7 Days of Home Gym Workouts – Minimal Equipment Needed

7 simple workouts that you can perform at home, regardless of ability level.


Quick and Dirty Time Crunch Workouts

This article provides over two dozen simple workouts to do when short on time and with minimal equipment.