6 Ways to Sleep Better Tonight, the Most Underrated Exercise, How to Stay Motivated to Workout, How to Build Bigger Triceps, & More – Iron Crew Podcast Episode 123

Wearing Blue Light Blocking Glasses May Be Crucial in Getting Quality Sleep

Optimal Set & Rep Ranges Depending on Your Goals Iron Crew Podcast

Danny shares how many sets and reps you should be doing based on your specific goals. He also shares the importance of phasing your exercise programming, no matter what your end goal is, in order to maximize gains and minimize injury. – Remember to subscribe to this podcast, leave a rating, and a review! Also share this episode with friends, family, and on your social media! Website – ironcrewathletics.com YouTube – Iron Crew Athletics Email – danny@ironcrewathletics.com Subscribe to the BLOG Get FREE home workout programming HERE Music provided by Kung Fu Vampire. Cover photography by A2Be Photo.
  1. Optimal Set & Rep Ranges Depending on Your Goals
  2. How Often Should You Work Out?
  3. Don't Just Rely On a Vaccine! How to Naturally Boost Your Immune System
  4. Exercises & Mobility Drills You Should Be Doing – DAILY!
  5. Do Strict Meal Plans Work? The Pros and Cons

Danny shares 6 tips on how to get the best quality sleep possible, as soon as tonight! He also explains the most underrated exercise, and why you are likely not doing enough of it. 

He then answers listener questions…

  1. What are some tips on staying motivated to workout?
  2. What are the best exercises for building bigger triceps?
  3. What is a better type of deadlift…sumo or traditional?

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