How to Prevent Gaining Weight During the Holidays, Avoiding Comparing Yourself to Others, Best Client Assessments for Trainers, & More – Iron Crew Podcast Episode 118

Learn How to Prevent Weight Gain with Coach Danny’s Pro Tips

Group Therapy Lessons – Ep 6 : How to Overcome Childhood Trauma Iron Crew Podcast

Every week I attend group therapy and learn something new every time. I am grateful for the opportunity to open up and be vulnerable during these sessions and I hope these short episodes provide value to your life. No matter what you are struggling with, just know we are all fighting similar battles.
  1. Group Therapy Lessons – Ep 6 : How to Overcome Childhood Trauma
  2. Group Therapy Lessons – Ep 5 : Keeping People on the Back Burner
  3. Prison Diary | Week 9 – No Time for Bullshit
  4. Prison Diary | Week 8 – Welcome to The Big House
  5. Prison Diary | Week 7 – There is Good in Everyone

Danny gives his pro tips on how to navigate the holiday season without gaining weight. He also discusses the importance of not comparing yourself to anyone else but you.

He then answers listener questions…

  1. Does refraining from eating after 7pm really help with weight loss?
  2. What are the best client assessments to use?
  3. Any advice on how to deal with alcoholism?
  4. How high should I raise my shoulders on side raises?

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