4 Steps to Successfully Navigating Your Way Through a Difficult Break Up, and Coming Out the Other End a Better Person – Iron Crew Podcast Episode 104

Learn the 4 step process to moving past a break up in the healthiest way possible.

Sunday With Shannon

Emotional Loss During COVID-19 Shelter in Place, Creating a New Normalcy, Staying on Top of Your Routine, & Recalibrating Your Circadian Rhythm for a Better Nights Sleep – Iron Crew Podcast Episode 89

This podcast episode is about the emotional loss surrounding COVID-19, how to get better sleep by recalibrating your circadian rhythm, and creating a new norm.

Sunday With Shannon

Relationship Values: The Mission Statement of Your Romantic Partnership and How to Discover Your Own – Iron Crew Podcast Episode 76

This episode is about establishing the core values with your romantic parter so that both of your personal and relationship needs are met.