A Case For Cops: Understanding Racial Vs Criminal Profiling, Excessive Vs Justified Force, & Why Cops Aren’t Well Prepared for a Fight

This podcast episode helps the general public understand why police officers behave the way they do.


The Dark Side of Law Enforcement: Racism, Sexism, Police Brutality, & Sexual Orientation Discrimination

Coach Danny shares the injustices he saw during his 10 year career as a police officer.

Tuesday Takeover

Tuesday Takeover – A Day in the Life of a Cop, Changing Careers, and Job Stress

Podcast episode about a day in the life of a police officer, changing careers, and how to manage depression, anxiety, and panic attacks in the workplace.


Episode 7 – Staying Fit as a First Responder

If you are a first responder of any kind, this is a must listen! As a former police officer, Danny knows a thing or two about what it's like working long hours, staying up all night, and running around from call to call. Learn the 5 things Danny swore by during his time in law… Continue reading Episode 7 – Staying Fit as a First Responder