Guest Interviews

Imposter Syndrome, Psychological Benefits of Physical Training, and the Difference Between Passion & Hobby w/Michael Ashford – Iron Crew Podcast Episode 62

This episode is about imposter syndrome, managing self-doubt, psychological benefits to training, and how to find your passion in life.

Week That Was

Using Social Media as a Tool for Self Growth, the Psychology Behind Self Sabotage, & Finding Happiness by Reframing Perspective

This episode is about why we self sabotage, how to use social media for self-growth, finding happiness, and how to be successful by shifting perspective


Episode 12.1 – How to Be an Iron Crew Kid

Calling all kids!  Do you want to know how to be successful?  Coach Danny gives you 5 ways to be an Iron Crew Kid!  Parents, listen to this on your next drive and turn it up so the kids can hear. Coach Danny goes in to how kids can truly benefit from eating vegetables, being nice… Continue reading Episode 12.1 – How to Be an Iron Crew Kid


3 Steps to Staying Fit with Small Children

Learn the best ways to keep in shape as a parent to young children.


Episode 3 – Staying Fit with Children

In this curse word free episode, Danny dives into how to stay on track with your exercise and nutrition when you have small children.  He also discusses his secrets to getting your little one's to eat healthy.  This is a must listen for all parents, future parents, or anyone who has children in their life. Remember to… Continue reading Episode 3 – Staying Fit with Children