How to Be a Fitness Coach, Pivoting Your Business to Online, Staying Focused During Life Changing Events, & More – Iron Crew Podcast Episode 107

This podcast discusses how to become a successful fitness trainer, ways to pivot your business into the online space, and staying positive during stressful times.

Sunday With Shannon

COVID 19’s Effect on Your Romantic Relationship: How to Maintain Individuality, Stay Physically Active, and Continue to Grow During Shelter in Place

This podcast is about how to thrive in a romantic relationship during the COVID 19 epidemic.

Week That Was

Using Social Media as a Tool for Self Growth, the Psychology Behind Self Sabotage, & Finding Happiness by Reframing Perspective

This episode is about why we self sabotage, how to use social media for self-growth, finding happiness, and how to be successful by shifting perspective


Adam Saucedo | Life is a Performance – Iron Crew Podcast Episode 38

Danny sits down with Adam Saucedo, a mindset expert who comes from a sports psychology and mental performance background.  Adam’s expertise in mindset is second to none, and he delivered in this jam packed episode full of insight.  We discuss the importance of practicing what you preach, how to seamlessly shift gears mentally throughout your… Continue reading Adam Saucedo | Life is a Performance – Iron Crew Podcast Episode 38