How to Cope with Anxiety & Depression When Your Life is Going Bad

Learn one of the best coping mechanisms available for stress, depression, and anxiety.

Guest Interviews

Stress Eating, Adrenal Fatigue, Managing Your Inner Monologue, & How Exercise can CAUSE Stress w/Susan Choi – Iron Crew Podcast Episode 70

This episode is about how to identify adrenal fatigue, understanding the different types of hunger, and managing your inner monologue.

Week That Was

Using Social Media as a Tool for Self Growth, the Psychology Behind Self Sabotage, & Finding Happiness by Reframing Perspective

This episode is about why we self sabotage, how to use social media for self-growth, finding happiness, and how to be successful by shifting perspective

Guest Interviews

Gut Health: How Certain Foods Can Cause Anxiety, Depression, and Disordered Sleep with Helene Kusman on the Iron Crew Podcast

This podcast episode is about gut health and how food can cause anxiety, depression, and disordered sleep.


Jessica Rothenberg | Honor Your Future Self – Iron Crew Podcast Episode 40

Danny chats with Jessica Rothenberg, a health and wellness coach who specializes in reverse dieting by using a holistic approach.  Danny and Jessica go down many rabbit holes, including the correlation between social media and anxiety, daily routines for managing stress, what it’s like dating a man with children, the pros and cons of training… Continue reading Jessica Rothenberg | Honor Your Future Self – Iron Crew Podcast Episode 40